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so as much are we lost in the picture...we find ourselves here !!!

Why Hurex ?
Hurex means happiness in french as told to me by ex-hurexites. .....But now I seriously doubt it....
Why Monks ?
We are a group who love the drink called Old Monk (Mohan Meakins Ltd.) Well tastes and preferences have changed. But the drink constantly reminds us about our roots and when we started to call our selves adults. You have to be certified by OM or by the Monks to sign in the guestbook. .........female counterparts of the monks are referred as monkees....
Who are they ?
a small group mainly from Shell Colony, Chembur , Bombay......but the group has diversified in course of time. Now have people from all over.
Who made this site?
Well some one who is not even in Bombay or in India. Felt lonely and needed to communicate through the information super highway. This was easier and faster. Also kept him close to the group.
Well I am back now..
How do u stay in touch?
Simple . Sign the Discussion Board. Whenever you feel you have to say something. Just write it down
My Name?

Discussion Board

Since 16th January 2001......You are high on OM