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This page will have interesting links to different pages,the links will be based on the interests of the monks.So email me with any intersting websites that you feel should be included here.All links will open in a new browser window.

Favourite Sites of Monks

Music Related Sites

The official Doors Site

The Official page of Pink Floyd

The UK official page of Pink Floyd includes pictures, technical information, and interactive audio and video covering the 1980-81 Wall tour.

Features chronological dates of Pink Floyd importance from 1943-1995.

The official site of Metallica. Sad thing is they charge money to be a member of this site tho it has it's own benefits.

Encylopedia Metallica - All the info you ever wanted about metallica.

Find the lyrics to any band

Management Related Sites

Quality Management

The MBA magazine

Business Today Magazine

Business Today India Magazine

Advertising and Marketing in India

INDIAINFOLINE Companies, Markets,Sector, Economy, Mutual Funds and Money


Please let me know if the link is outdated