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Manori (2003)
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August 2000
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India rocks.....

Let me know what you think!

Ok bye everybody.....keep visiting
Please don't forget to leave your messages on the discussion board...i shall reply to all of them
We have another discussion board made only for the members. The members should have their exclusive password. The password will be given to you'll by Nagesh.Please mail him for the passwords.( Members follow the links. Guests will have a password soon.
if you wanna contact me......aapke seva mein hazir hoon (at your services)


Manu Warrier

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anythin is welcome...........

There is more to come on the site ....many more pictures and updates...still to come DHRISTI of last years REPUBLIKA 2000 and pics of monks.....Till then these pages will be under construction

drilling for OM